DWP welcomes UK Cyber 9/12 finalists

Following the conclusion of the 2023 UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge, DWP welcomed one of the finalist teams for a visit.


UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge

6/8/20232 min read

Second placed team, Purple Falcons, at the 2023 UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge
Second placed team, Purple Falcons, at the 2023 UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge

This year, we were thrilled to be supported by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP). They acknowledge the importance of building future cyber security leaders competent across technology, policy and strategy.

After the Finals Event, DWP kindly hosted students from the finalist teams of the 2023 UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge for a series of panel discussions with members of staff from across the DWP teams. These included the Data Protection Officer, the Head of Risk, Threat Intelligence, as well as the Deputy Head for Cyber. As a Government Champion of the UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge, DWP showcased to the students some of the fascinating challenges that they face on a daily basis protecting some of the critical networks and payment systems much of the UK relies on, from a variety of different hostile cyber threats..

With such a range of the DWP team taking time out of their day, the students got wide exposure to not only the job roles on offer in the department, but also the broad range of journeys that led each person into the job role.

This included someone who is on a degree pathway programme into DWP, through to mid-career changes from the private sector into DWP, as well as some recent graduates advising on the pathways for applications.

DWP also took care to advise the students of upcoming job roles, and the best times to keep an eye out for jobs, as well as what they look for in applications.

We would like to thank DWP for their hospitality and support throughout the whole of the 2023 competition. It is rare that students would have direct access to such senior professionals. We are thrilled to have been able to offer this opportunity, aligned with our careers driven approach to fostering the next generation of cyber professionals.

Rob Black, Director of the UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge, highlighted that “it is relationships like this with DWP, as a Government Champion, that really enable us to help build the next generation of cyber security professionals. Through showcasing the fascinating career opportunities that they can access as a result of being involved in UK Cyber 9/12. We are indebted to our supporters across government and industry for helping our students take their first steps into exciting cyber careers. We look forward to working with DWP, alongside the other government champions and industry sponsors, to provide the opportunities for our high calibre students to reach their potential and make a difference in interesting and critical roles.”

Teddy Humphrey, team member from the second placed team, told us that “the presentation given by the DWP's head of risk afforded me a greater understanding of how to best showcase my skillset in an application format, particularly those skills developed during Cyber 9/12. Subsequently, I have been offered a three-month internship as a risk analyst at a bank.” We are thrilled to see our student competitors moving into careers across the cyber security landscape.